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The most important feature of acrylic sheets is that they are very easily shaped. They are produced in limitless colors easily. In addition to these, acrylic sheets are resistant to impact, they are resistant to all weather conditions and resistant to most chemicals including strong acids and all non-polar solvents.

The area that acrylic sheets are most widely used is the advertising sector. Acrylic sheets are used in Outdoor and Indoor illuminated and non illuminated signs, in all kinds of POP products, and in products like shop displays and promotion stands.

Acrylic sheets are also used in decoration and furniture sectors very widely too.

Another field acrylics are used is the illumination industry. Acrylic sheets are used in lighting fixtures very widely, especially in outdoor illumination projects. Finally due their sanitary properties, acrylic sheets are used in the production of medical devices and production of special food processing machinery parts.
Acrylic sheets are produced in two different technologies; Cast sheets and extruded sheets. Due to their higher polymer numbers, cast sheets are more impact resistant and heat tolerant than extruded sheets.

Cast acrylic sheets have a good light permeability, and they are around 6 times more resistant to impacts compared to normal glass. Acrylic sheets are a kind of plastic sheets, so they can catch fire like almost all other plastics. Ignition temperature for Onderglas is around 300C.

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