Önder Kimya San. A.Ş. I 1967'den beri akrilik levha işlemede öncü...

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In our processing workshop acrylic sheets are shaped for various desired shapes according to the needs of our customers. Below are the main activities carried out in our workshop.

1 Cutting-Routering-Drilling : Main cutting activities are carried out with our saws. We have 4 saws that can cut the sheets with maximum size of 400cm x200cm with a 0,5 mm dimension tolerance. We also have circular saws and band saws for various cutting purposes. For drilling we use milling cutters and drillers. For extremely accurate cutting and milling purposes we have 2 CNC Routers with routing dimension of 350cm x 160cm. We also have a laser cutter with a maximum power output of 100Watts and a processing dimension of 90cm x 110cm.
2 Turning : Acrylic sheets are suitable for turning. We have 2 turners, 1 revolver turner and one conventional miller. We are using these turners for products like cylinders. We are turning block sheets (sheets with thicknesses higher than 40 mm) to produce cylindrical acrylic products.

3 Thermoforming : Acrylic sheets can be easily shaped through various thermoforming facilities. For thermoforming, we have mould shaping, vacuum shaping, and blowing facilities. We also have benders for line bending purposes. Acrylic sheet is ready for thermoforming when carefully heated to temperatures up to 175C. At this temperature the sheet shows dough or pulp like physical properties and can be formed easily in a mould.

4 Polishing : Acrylic sheets can be polished after processed. We have 3 flame polishers, 1 diamond polisher and 1 mechanical polishing machine.

Sometimes our company is undertaking projects involving acrylic sheets as a whole. We are undertaking important outdoor signage and decoration projects. Therefore we have integrated our workshop so that we can process wooden products, produce advertising signs, and in addition to that, formed a strong assembly-montage team.

We have started our processing workshop as a small entity in the year 2000. Today our workshop became a very important branch of our company, where 1 engineer, 1 architect and 20 skilled and experienced foremen, handymen and workers are working. And is the number 1 solution partner for acrylic customers in Turkey.

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